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Eva Walkner

Name : Walkner

First name : Eva

Age : 39 years

Nationality / Country of origin : Austria

"The ups aren't that great without the downs"
I'm a professional free skier born and living in the Austrian Alps. Since I´m 36 years old and I ski every possible day. Skiing is my biggest passion.
Few words that define you as an athlete:
I would say I take my sport very professionally and work hard to reach my goals. I love to learn new things and to go out of my comfort zone.

Few words that define you as a person :
I can laugh about myself a lot because I take myself not too serious.

What are your passions besides skiing / climbing / mountaineering / trail running ?
I like cycling in summer, it´s like freeriding. I also like alpine climbing and being in the mountains as much as possible.

Your best and worst memory in the mountains :
My best moments are when I´m filming and I´m extremely scared of a line or a big cliff which I choose. When everything works out great, this is just an unbelievable moment of happiness and satisfaction, and sharing those moments with your friends is even better. The worst moments I had the last years while competing in Freeride Events.

Why do you feel part of the Millet family ?
Millet has a very strong DNA and a big history in mountaineering. Millet is very well known in the (core) mountaineering scene as a brand, and Millet products is something you can trust when you climb an 8.000 meters’ mountain. It´s a brand I can trust when I´m outside in the mountains and a big part of the products are produced in Europe. It makes me proud to be a Millet athlete.

What does that mean about you, to Rise Up ?
Rise Up means to trust yourself and your ability. I´m scared a lot out in the mountains, but fear is very important for me and helps me to survive. But I also trust myself and my abilities. If you go over your fear and you succeed, then you rise up every time a bit more. Sometimes you fail, but you have to stand up and try again, even if you fail again and again, it´s important to never give up in life. One day you will succeed. This is Rise Up. 

Why do you advise people to go out in the mountains to do outdoor activities ?
There is no better energy station for recharging your batteries than the mountains! It doesn´t matter if you go out to set your new personal time record or just for an easy hike to watch birds and the breath in the nature. Just go out and smile and enjoy every moment to the fullest.
Achievements & future projects
“Evolution of dreams” freeride movie, 2018
VERBIER XTreme Champion 2017
Freeride World Champion 2016
Freeride World Champion 2015
23 Freeride World Tour podiums
3 times runner-up World Champion 2012/17/18
Former alpine racer for the Austrian National Team (Europe / World Cup Races)