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Tomasi Damien

Name : Tomasi

First name : Damien

Age : 32 years

Nationality / Country of origin : France

"An hour of ascension in the mountains makes a rascal and saint two creatures almost similar. Fatigue is the shortest way to equality, to fraternity. And during sleep is added freedom"
Friedrich Nietzsche
Young not so young, but not old, I work as a guide for almost 10 years and I train at ENSA since 2016. But beyond my profession, I am passionate about the world of verticality for 20 years ... and I hope for a long time !
Few words that define you as an athlete :
Meticulous and a bit psycho rigid.

Few words that define you as a person :
… Idem !

What are your passions besides skiing / climbing / mountaineering / trail running ?
None ... All that takes me a lot of time and energy !

Your best and worst memory in the mountains:
I have 2 great memories in mind :
The arrival at the top of the Jorasses at dusk, while only the tops of the highest mountains are tinged with orange. Shout "relay" to Martin Elias who is 60 m lower in the last length of the "Gousseault-Desmaison" climbed in the day.
The summit of Ama Dablam reached in the morning after a bivouac in full wind, on the top of the normal way. Raise your head and face the southern face of Lhotse, Nuptse and Everest, turn your head and see the Jannu and Makalu and finally look to the valley and see, Fanny, Fleur and Seb a few meters from the top, breathless and not yet smiling, after the first alpine-style climb of Laguna Ridge.
The worst…. The memory of the relay that rips as we rapped in the south face of the Right with Benjamin Guigonnet and Eric Doiseau.

Why do you feel part of the Millet family?
Since 1921, Millet equips mountaineers for the craziest adventures: Annapurna, first winter of the Walker, Trilogy of the North faces ... I pass and best!
Millet has supported the mountaineering projects that make me dream and inspire me. Since 2009, Millet is also a partner of the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix, of which I am a member. Millet products have accompanied me in my professional life and in all the adventures that I have lived with my clients.

What does that mean about you, Rise Up?
"Rise Up" is the feeling or state of mind that you seek (and finds) when you go to the mountains: to rise, to reach a summit, to get rid of the superfluous.

Why do you advise people to go out in the mountains to do outdoor activities?
To live adventures and to enjoy the rare privilege: to look at the world from above ... To commit oneself and to forget the worries of everyday life.
Achievements & future projects :
Member of the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix.
Mountaineering trainer at ENSA.
Leader of the National Climbing Excellence Group of the FFCAM.

In the Alps:
North faces of the Eiger and Matterhorn. First ascent to the day (18h) of the "Gousseault-Desmaison" on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses with Martin Elias. "No Siesta" on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses with Basile Ferran and Patrick Pessi. "Moonlight Ballad" (6c / A4) on the south face of the Fou with Mathieu Maynadier and Maël Baguet (first jump in base-jump of the southern face of the Fool by Mael Baguet). First rehearsal of the "Pillar of Remembrance" on the north-western face of West Wing. "Through the Fish" on the south side of the Marmolada.

Third ascent of the southeaster pillar of Dickey (ED +) (Alaska) with Frédéric Gentet, Sébastien Ratel and François Delas. Normal way of Denali. "Harvard Road" on the west face of Huntington with Aurélien Vaissière, Antonin Cecchini and Hugo Dherbey.

"Mate Poro y todo lo de mas" on the north pillar of the Fitz Roy with Pierre Labbre and Korra Pesce. Italian way on the pillar is Aiguille Saint-Exupéry with Fanny Schmutz. Pilar Rojo in front of the Aiguille Mermoz with Fanny Schmutz.

First rehearsal and first alpine climb of the "Lagunak ridge" on the south side of the Ama Dablam (6854 m - Nepal) with Fanny Schmutz, Fleur Fouque and Sébastien Rougegré. "Estrella Impossible" (6c / A3 +) in the western face of the Bhagirathi III (6450 m - India) with Korra Pesce, Sébastien Corret and Martin Elias. Opening of "Pleasure is in the tent" (TD +) on an unnamed summit (5700 m) in the region of Siguniang (China) with Jerome Para.

United States
"The Shield" (A3) on El Capitan with Frédéric Degoulet and Benjamin Guigonnet. "Moonlight Butress" (5.12c) in Zion with Pierre Labbre. Climb to Indian Creek (Utah).

Ski touring trip in the Albroz massif.