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Perillat Pessey Joris

Name : Perillat Pessey

First name : Joris

Age : 24 years

Nationality / Country of origin : France

"Mountain and sport have always been my protected space where to face life."
Born and has grown up in the Aravis, the mountains are my garden where I express myself and spend most of my time. Cross-country skier first and then ski mountaineering, I remain a mountaineer who likes to spend time in this environment.
Few words that define you as an athlete:
Conscientious, bad descender, slender.

Few words that define you as a person :
Quiet and perfectionist.

What are your passions besides skiing / climbing / mountaineering / trail running ?
Do It Yourself.

Your best and worst memory in the mountains :
The Elbrouz, an expedition to open a new ski route with friends. A week in the mountains, in complete autonomy and in alpine style. An adventure that became a success, but above all rich in experiencing and in learning about myself.

Why do you feel part of the Millet family ?
For this common passion, the mountain, in which we learn, evolve, flourishes.

What does that mean about you, Rise Up ?
For me, Rise Up is the way each person finds out how to escape from the world they live in.

Why do you advise people to go out in the mountains to do outdoor activities ?
To find yourself face to face in an environment where nothing is artificial, to feel again alive and to breathe.
Achievements & future projects
Between 2014 and 2017 champion of France U23 of vertical race.
Since 2014 several participations in the competitions of the International Circuit La Grande Course (Pierra Menta, Mezzalama, Patrouille de Galciers, and Tour du Rutor), always between the seventh and the thirtieth place.
Since 2017 part of the French ski mountaineering team.

"Five Summits" is a project conceived with Simon Bellabouvier, the link up of 5 emblematic summits around Val d'Isère. The initial project was about 5.000 vertical meters along about 50 km, in less than two days. With Simon Bellabouvier and Mathéo Jaquemoud we did not reach the objective, but we arrived at 3 out of 5 peaks, 4,200 vertical meters, and 35 km ... By the way, we could share the experience we had, lived, and maybe we have inspired people to ski mountaineering, showing the beautiful values ​​of this activity. That was a big part of our mission!
The Aravis crossing by ski during the spring, is a project that I have already done with Mathéo Jaquemoud a few years ago, but I would like to reiterate it alone or accompanied just on a few steps: the goal is to link the Charvin to the Pointe Percée as quickly as possible with the minimum of equipment, by following the same route from Stéphane Brosse.