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Marco Camandona

Name : Camandona

First name : Marco

Age : 48 years

Nationality / Country of origin : Italy

"If I lost the possibility of fighting for a dream, as beautiful as useless, I would be a finished man."
G. Gervasutti
World-class mountaineer, alpine guide, ski instructor, I’m also a federal ski mountaineering coach. I have been technical director of the international ski mountaineering race "Millet Tour du Rutor Extrême”, for more than 20 years. I’m also a ski mountaineer and ultra-trailer who live and work in Aosta Valley.
Few words that define you as an athlete:
I am a mountaineer, an ultra-trailer and a ski mountaineer, but first, I am an alpine guide and a mountain lover.

Few words that define you as a person :
I am a man who loves life. In the mountains I find myself. I am cheerful, kind and I like to involve people around me in my passions. I am always ready to face new adventures and I like to think that I can somehow be an example for the next generations of mountaineers and ski mountaineers. Calm and quiet, these are two points of my personality. Together with determination, they allow me to achieve extraordinary challenges.

What are your passions besides skiing / climbing / mountaineering / trail running ?
I am passionate about photography, I love travelling and hunting.

Your best and worst memory in the mountains :
The best one is in 2000 when Abele Blanc and I reached the K2 summit without oxygen.
The worst moment was the fatal accident of my partner Christian Kuntner on the Annapurna, in 2005.

Why do you feel part of the Millet family ?
I am proud to be part of the Millet team because I share their values of professionalism, versatility and quality.

What does that mean about you, Rise Up ?
To me “Rise Up” is the picture of a moment, is when you reach the summit and you raise your hands as if you could hug the sky. “Rise up” is certainly also an urge to increase the difficulty level, obviously with safety first.

Why do you advise people to go out in the mountains to do outdoor activities ?
The mountain is my great passion: I love to experience it, to talk about it and share sensations and emotions. I like the idea of sharing this passion with everyone wants to get closer to the nature. I share the love for nature, and the respect for it. Living on the mountains also means living healthily, and have great benefit for body and soul: it improves the quality of life.
Achievements & future projects
I have climbed the most challenging routes in the Alps, from Mont Blanc to the Dolomites, and opened new routes in the Himalayas. From 1996 to today, I have taken part in more than twenty mountaineering expeditions and have undertaken adventure trips all over the world, climbing the five highest mountains of each continent. For eight times I climbed 8000 meters mountains, without the aid of oxygen.

In May I would like to achieve my project “Alaska Ski Alp Free” to give some young Aosta Valley neo-pros athletes the chance to experience a non-European adventure on the most popular mountains in the world. The South-central areas of Alaska offer the best ski mountaineering ascents and free-ride descents. Every day we will ski in a different area and sleep in a tent or a B&B. A ski mountaineering tour where there are not ski lifts, but only infinite stretches of snowy mountains.”

Manaslu 8.163 meters, through the Kukuczka_Hajzer route
Manaslu comes from the sanskrit “masana”, which means “mountain of the soul” and it’s located in the central Himalaya, among the breath-taking valleys of Marsyangdi and Budhi Gandaki.
“For me this expedition represents a coming back on this great mountain; in fact, in 1996 I tried to climb it, reaching 7.800 m. It was an unforgettable adventure. After more than 20 years and eight 8.000 meters mountains reached without oxygen, this new adventure means a lot to me. The team is awesome: Francois Cazzanelli (who has already joined me on Kanch and on Lothse), Francesco Ratti, Emrik Favre and Maurizio Follini. Not just good friends, but also expert alpinists. We are planning to leave at the beginning of September and to come back by mid-October 2019.”