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Sophie Lavaud

Name : Lavaud

Surname : Sophie

Âge : 50

Nationality / Country of origins: France – Switzerland - Canada

"We are feeling better than anywhere else ... especially in the mountains!"
After a career in Geneva in hospitality, luxury and cosmetics, Sophie led an event organization company. Today speaker, mountaineer and more particularly Himalayan specialist, Sophie is running after a crazy project: Conquer the 14 x 8'000 meters and more summmits of the world. From the Alps to the Himalayas, she loves the adventure that brings her to the top of these giants of more than 8000 meters.
Achievements & future projects
Dhaulagiri – 8167m der 1. Oktober
Gasherbrum I – 8068 m le 12 juillet
Kangchenjunga – 8585 m le 15 mai
Annapurna 1 – 8091 m le 23 avril
K2 – 8611 m
Manaslu – 8163 m
Broad Peak – 8051 m
Makalu – 8485 m
Gasherbrum II – 8035 m
Everest – 8850 m
ShishaPangma – 8027 m
Cho Oyu – 8201 m
Few words that define you as an athlete:
More than performance, it's the path that leads me to the top of these great Himalayan mountains that fascinates me.

Few words that define you as a person:
An "ordinary" woman who has given herself the ressources to reach her dreams.

What are your passions besides skiing / climbing / mountaineering / trail running?
Sharing these adventures either in the context of stories or conferences that motivates me, just like the work that I do in the field with the association “Terre des hommes” or RECCO in Nepal and Pakistan.

Your best and your worst moment on the mountains:
The worst ... the massive avalanche at K2 in 2016 and the best ... reaching the K2 summit in 2018 !! Ah K2 when you have a hold on us !! :)

Why do you feel part of the Millet family?
In Nepal for example when I am asked "Are you part of" Milette "team? In answering "yes" the eyes light up and it is always very nice !!

What does it mean, for you, to Rise Up?
Rise Up is the energy needed to climb your personal Everest everyday.

Why do you advise people to go out in the mountains to do outdoor activities?
Just share some pictures of this magnificent playground that are mountains and in particular the great Himalayas to make you dream of going there. Whatever the altitude, the important thing is to have fun and therefore do good!