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SURNAME : Lagarde


Age : 36 ans


A few words that define you as an athlete? :
Thoughtful, committed, professional.

A few words that define you as a person?
Dependable but occasionally tiresome...

What are your passions besides skiing/climbing/mountaineering/trail running?
I come from a family of pilots, and I’ve inherited a passion for aircraft… and for motorsport.

Your best and worst mountain memories?
The best is probably my first trip to Alaska in 2012. It felt like the holy grail.
The worst is the friends who’ve died, of course...

What does Rise Up mean to you?
Above all, I think of skiing and mountaineering as a kind of pleasure. Rise Up could be the pleasure you get from reaching beyond your limits.

Why do you advise people to go to the mountains to do outdoor activities?
When you live in the mountains, outdoor activities are everywhere. They’re some of the last spaces where you can be free – so make the most of them.

Your achievements and future projects?
I spend winters traveling. I often head off to bring back footage and pictures, but skiing is always my main objective.