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Paul Jenft



Age : 17


A few words that define you as an athlete? :
Passionate, driven, persevering.

A few words that define you as a person?
After a quick poll of family and friends: quiet, positive, unflappable, and slightly stubborn (but just a bit).

What are your passions besides skiing/climbing/mountaineering/trail running?
I spend most of my time climbing, but when I find time I go mountain-biking, play the piano or play darts!

Your best and worst mountain memories?
My best mountain memory is completing “Carnet d’adresse”, a long route that I’d been working on for quite a while and had demanded a huge amount of dedication. The takeaway? It’s worth doing ambitious projects because the more you put into them, the happier you are when you accomplish them.
I don’t really have any bad memories, but my least pleasant experience while climbing was on a rest day during a trip to Margalef, when we went for a walk round the lake. It started out as a stroll, but seven hours later we found ourselves in scrubland in total darkness, with no idea which way to go.

What does Rise Up mean to you?
To me, Rise Up is the idea of always reaching higher, and I can feel this goal in all my activities – whether it’s indoors, where I practice the toughest movements and constantly try to improve; on crags, where I look for increasingly tough routes; or on big walls, where I seek out the best and longest routes.

Why do you advise people to go to the mountains to do outdoor activities?
Because everyone can enjoy the mountains in their own way – there are lots of activities to enjoy and each person will find just what they want, whatever their level.

Your achievements and future projects?
Best places in competition:
-1st, European Youth Championships, bouldering, 2017 and 2019
-1st, European Youth Championships, difficulty, 2018 and 2019
-4th, Climbing World Youth Championships, bouldering, 2018
-4th, Climbing World Youth Championships, difficulty, 2018
-6th, Climbing World Youth Championships, difficulty, 2019
-4th, Climbing World Youth Championships, bouldering, 2019

Outdoor achievements:
-Seul face à mes couilles, 8c, Col du Marocaz
-La méthaphysique des tubes, 8c, Seynes
-L’âme du phénix, 8c, Kronthal
-Aitzol 8b+ (Flash), Margalef
-Carnet d’adresse, 250m, 8b+max, Rocher du Midi

My future projects:
I have thousands of projects, but there isn’t room to list them all, so here are the main ones:
-Training flat out all year round for competitions, and just enjoying my climbing!
-Completing long challenging routes as often as I can (at least one a year)
-Traveling all over, to go to my dream sites and meet the local people.
And, as ever, striving to stretch my limits!