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Francesco Ratti

Name : Ratti

First name : Francesco

Age : 38 years

Nationality : Italian

“Follow your 
passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and do not let anyone limit your dreams.”
I grew up in Lecco area, one of the best rock climbing spots in Italy. Rock climbing was my first love but soon alpinism, mountaineering and living the mountain at 360° became a sort of addiction. Today I live in the beautiful village of Valtournenche, on the Italian side of Matterhorn (Cervino) and I divide my life between my profession of Mountain Guide, my family and my projects as an alpinist.
Few words which describe you as athlete:
Passionate, active and tenacious.

Few words which describe you as person:
I find myself happy with the simple things but at the same time I constantly need to move forward to new experiences and projects…. I’ve learned so much from my mistakes that I think I'll make some more.

Which are your passions, after skiing/climbing/ mountaineering?
Reading a good book (possibly a thriller), biking, playing with my kids.

Your best moment on the mountains:
I have many wonderful moments on the mountains in my mind; it is hard to choose one! Each time I repeat a difficult route or I open a new line or I see that my client has realized his dream, is something special!
And the worst? Even here, I have a lot to remember! The last one was for sure last February on the top of Lloy peak (3.820 mt) when we had to give up our winter link-up because of bad conditions after 3 days of enormous efforts.

Why do you feel part of the Millet team?
feel part of the team because Millet really believes in the profession of Mountain Guide and I am very proud of being part of the Cervino Mountain Guides group.

What does it mean, for you, to Rise Up?
Being a Mountain Guide in my opinion is a way of life and to Rise Up means to me always improve yourself to be the best you can be at what you are aiming for (climbing, skiing, mountaineering or whatever…)

Why do you suggest people to go for outdoor and mountain activities?
Outdoor activities are the only way to get in full contact with nature and its forces. Nature is extremely beautiful but also extremely powerful: outdoor activities are a unique opportunity to feel all this beauty and power.
Achievements Box + Future projects
This is a list of the highlights of my personal climbs and expeditions:
Mont Blanc: Grandes Jorasses North Face.
Routes: Colton MacIntye and Cassin on the Walker Spur; Central Pillar of Freney: Bonington route climbed twice, the second time with a client; Petit Dru: North Couloir Direct (free climbed and on sight); Peuterey Integral Ridge ascent in 24 hours of effective climbing;
Eiger: North Face, Heickmair route;
Matterhorn: North Face, Schmidt route; Furggen Ridge winter ascent (twice); New Route on the south face of the mountain “Diretta Allo Scudo” (ED,7a max) opened with François Cazzanelli and Emrik Favre.
Patagonia Expedition (winter 2015/2016): Aguja Poincenot, route Carrington-Rouse.
Expedition in the Chinese region of Sichuan: here we climbed Mount Edgar (6.618mt) but we also opened 5 new routes on unclimbed satellite peaks between 5.000 and 6.000 meters.

Main projects of this year:
Mai/Juin 2019: Alaska, Denali (6.190m).
September/October 2019: Pangpoche (6.620m) - Manaslu (8.163m).