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Favre Nils

Name : Favre

First name : Nils

Age : 27 years

nationality : Switzerland / French

"I climb because I like the beauty of the movements and especially the feelings of adherence that it provides."
Block specialist but passionate about all forms of climbing. I like the tracks, the big ways, the trad, the block, the psycho-bloc, the competitions .... I was interested in the competitions quite late after years of climbing on rock, full of trips and unforgettable experiences. But it is now a few years that I'm on the World Cup circuit. Climbing outside allows me to travel and discover the world through this passion, it is absolutely my life engine.
Few words that describe you as an athlete :
Passionate, a little addicted, need fun to achieve my goals.

Few words that describe you as a person:
Ask others, but I think that "in his world" may come out regularly.

What are your passions besides skiing / climbing / mountaineering / trail running ?
Spend time with friends and golf!

Your best moment in the mountains:
The day I was able to chase Kintsugi to Red Rocks (USA), alone all day in a huge desert in front of the majestic and very hard blocks. The mixture of pleasure, concentration, surpassing oneself, loneliness, madness, realization, has made this moment one of the best.
Your worst moment in the mountains:
The worst is certainly when a rock the size of a big fridge left under my fingers and I had my friends and my dad right underneath, luckily no one hurt, but a big feeling of emptiness, fear, terror.

Why do you feel part of the Millet team ?
It's been eight, nine years since I was with Millet, six years in the international team. The products and the Millet spirit always followed me in my climber experience.

What does it mean for you, "Rise Up" ?
Rise Up is the objective to go to the top, but also to get up after each failure, climbing in general is a kind of failure that leads to incredible experiences, in the sense that we spend more time trying that succeed.

Why do you advise people to do outdoor and mountain activities ?
It is a simple and natural source of happiness, it also allows to fill the head of incredible images with all the nuances of nature. For me, I feel alive when I'm outside, it's not more complicated.
Achievements Box & Projects
8C / V15 en bloc with "From Dirt Grows the Flower" in Chironico (Switzerland) and "Kintsugi" in Red Rocks (USA).
More than 300 blocks in the eighth degree.
9A on the way with "Amazon" in St-Triphon (Switzerland).
Swiss Champion in 2018.
Vice-Champion Switzerland in 2017.
Top 30 bouldering World Cup (2018)
31st at the 2018 World Block Championships
Open block / track around the world (Namibia, Morocco, Switzerland, Spain ...)

Future projects:
too much to write here, but currently I concentrate my energy on the competitions, I have several projects in DWS for this year as well as projects in big ways. My goal is to keep some versatility!