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Charlotte Barré


FIRST NAME : Charlotte

Age : 33


A few words that define you as an athlete? :
Passionate, driven and versatile.

A few words that define you as a person?
Determined, dynamic and stubborn (which friends and family often perceive as temperamental!)

What are your passions besides skiing/climbing/mountaineering/trail running?
My passion for the mountains is very time-consuming. When I’m not working as a mountain guide, I journey around the world to realize the many projects and dreams I have in mind.

Your best and worst mountain memories?
Each mountain memory is unique, and each excursion is full of great moments and enjoyment. But if I had to name one, it would be from February last winter on the north face of Les Drus, with the ever-present feeling that I was lucky to live such adventures and spend so much time up there.
The worst? Waiting for 20 days, stuck in a tent on the Ruth Glacier in Alaska, for the snow to stop. By that time, it was four meters deep, and we didn’t get a weather window!

What does Rise Up mean to you?
To me, Rise Up is a mindset. Having the willpower to achieve your objectives, realize your dreams and get the most out of life.

Why do you advise people to go to the mountains to do outdoor activities?
In my opinion, going to the mountains is a good way to grow aware of nature’s beauty, and to get back to essentials.

Your achievements and future projects?
Moby Dick – 1000m (7c+) and FA-ing several routes
Pakistan, Kondus
FA-ing a route: La Scoumoune 400m (7b) /5200m
Peru, Cordillera Blanca
La Esfingue: Regular route (6c+, 750m) / 5325 m
Iran , Bisotun
Gharargah Route, TD+
Alaska, Ruth Gorge
Attempt on the east ridge of Mount Bradley (M7) 1200m

Climbing in the Alps:
Américaine - Aiguille du Fou - Mont Blanc ED
Winter ascent via Pierre Allain route – North face of Les Drus - Mont Blanc TD+
Entre les gouttes - Les Fiz (Mont Blanc) ABO
Unchi Maka - Aiguille de Sialouze - (Ecrins) ABO
Bouilloux Wilmart - Olan North Face - (Ecrins) ED+
Ciao Vinc - Vierge D’Argentière - (Mont Blanc) ED+
Le pavé dans la mare - Le Pavé - (Ecrins) ED+
Sale Athée- Aiguille du Moine - (Mont Blanc) ED

Steep-slope skiing:
East couloir of Mount Ushba from south pass: 1100m 50/55° S6/E3+ - Georgia (first by a woman) - April 2019
Mallory Porter route - north face - Aiguille du Midi: 700m 50/55° S5,4/E4 Chamonix