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Bellabouvier Simon

Name : Bellabouvier

First name : Simon

Age : 23 years

Nationality : French

"Traveling far away from everything brings you a little closer to what really matters" LoÏck Peyron
I’ve lived in the mountains since I was very young, and I always preferred going up slopes when ski-mountaineering than alpine-skiing downhill. After seven years at the highest level of ski-mountaineering, with several French champion titles, World Cup podium finishes, and youth-category wins in the Pierra Menta and Tour du Rutor, I’m now focusing on ski-mountaineering projects around sharing and adventuring, setting off from home and going all over the world.
Few words that describe you as an athlete:
Competitive, persevering, curious.

Few words that describe you as a person:
Adventurous, ambitious, receptive to nature, generous, party animal...
Party man again ...

What are your passions besides skiing / climbing / mountaineering / trail running?
Road cycling, traveling, nature.

Your best and your worst moment in the mountains:
My best memory is the ascent of Mount Elbrus in totally self-sufficient style with two buddies. You really understand the full meaning of “conquering the summit”! And the worse: an ice sheet that just gave way and took with it a very good buddy...

Why do you feel part of the Millet team?
I feel “Millet” because I have a mountain-lover’s state of mind – I just can’t stand still! The mountains are my refuge, they keep me in touch with simple and authentic values such as humility and respect for our environment! Nowadays, it’s essential to get back to basics, with durable and high-quality equipment.

What does it mean for you, "Rise Up"?
To me, Rise Up means ascending in altitude and elevation when I’m on skis. But I think Rise Up takes on its full meaning with the idea of rising up yourself – of exceeding your limits for yourself, and not for others!

Why do you advise people to do outdoor and mountain activities?
Because it’s ten times better than on Instagram! Go and breathe! Being in the mountains makes you more aware of our current climate challenges.
Achievements Box & Projects
France ski-mountaineering team. Elite athlete since 2012. 8 French champion titles, 9 World Cup and World Championship podiums, youth-category winner of Pierra Menta Jeunes and Tour du Rutor. FA’d the southwest face of Mount Elbrus (5,642m) in fully self-sufficient ski-mountaineering mode. Cyclist (category 2), took part in Tour du Val d'Aoste (UCI class 2.2), Tour du Rwanda (UCI class 2.2), Tour of Mauritius. Made Back to Basics, a short film with Joris Perillat Pessey and Mathéo Jacquemoud.

12 minutes of sheer simplicity, a mixture of humility and stretching personal limits, on the trail of a great day’s ski-mountaineering. Discover our enchainment of summits on a ski-mountaineering trip high above Val d'Isère, retracing my childhood memories and my passion for the mountains. I wanted to share with you my vision of ski-mountaineering and convey a state of mind. This project, packed with discoveries and encounters, captivated me for a whole year. It reconnected me with my prime driving-force and what makes this such an authentic discipline – the mountains!

Future projects:
Completing my master’s degree in Physical Activities Engineering and Ergonomics.
Completing my national qualification in alpine skiing.
Making films while ski-mountaineering.
Founding a student mountain film festival, Partage Ta Montagne.
Skiing down the Lofoten Mountains, and heading off on adventures on a bike, skis or sailing boat!
Doing another totally self-sufficient expedition on the glaciers of New Zealand, South America and the Himalaya, keeping my skis on as much as possible!
Steep slopes.
Go traveling!