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Tristan Knoertzer

Name: Knoertzer

First Name: Tristan

Age : 32 ans

Nationality: French

"Why chips if not for mussels? Ohhhhh the heady spiral of love…" Alain Bashung
Few words that define you as an athlete?
Rider, climber, bad with the use of #, attracted to stylish lines rather than straight technical challenge.

Few words that define you as a person?
Curious, dreamer, passionate, initiating,I enjoy all good things of life.

What are your passions besides mountaineering?
Surfing, signing, writing, travelling, exploring, friendship, playing guitar, walking my dog, philosophizing over a glass of wine.

What is your best and worst memories in the mountains?
The best: the complete Peuterey along with a Corsican friend, listening to corsican songs at Craveri bivouac hut amidst the aiguilles with the Dames Anglaises.
The worst: the highlander’s brain is the most sophisticated machine… I have already forgotten all about it!

Why do you feel part of the Millet family?
For me, Millet embodies great adventure and innovation: the backpack used on the Annapurna, Marco Siffredi on the Everest, François Damilano ice climbing, Christophe Profit in Les Drus, Jean Annequin on the other side of the planet, etc…
What does Rise Up mean to you?
It is like a song that leaves you in the upbeat festive mood of memorable night of partying back when it was possible to go out! It is also the spirit of adventure! Always looking for excitement: What could there be behind this mountain? And behind this one, and this other one… always at the ready to explore.

Why would you advise people to go out in the mountains to do outdoor activities?
To find or embrace one’s true nature. One’s primal instinct, reflexes, truths, and questioning. Nature can provide answers to a lot of questions but also pauses for reflection on our role in the ecosystem and our duty to respect it.
About twenty steep ski routes in the Alps and in the Pyrenees,

Member of the National Mountaineering Men’s Team,

A 300km solo loop between mountaineering, skiing, kayaking, and cycling

Expeditions in Peru, China, the Himalayas, Kyrgyzstan.